HAPI (Healthy Apartment Property Initiative)

Mission Statement

Hapi Foundation is a 501C-3 nonprofit established in 2013 that brings education and sustainable health, nutrition, and fitness programs directly to the doorsteps of children and families living in apartment communities. Our efforts are focussed on promoting healthy lifestyle habits in children to reduce the growing rates of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases in the United States.


The Hapi Foundation's roots trace back to a seed planted in a vegetable garden in the common area of one apartment community. Our goal was to bring neighbors together outside, to enjoy the sunshine, learn, taste, share, dig, push, pull, laugh, encourage, and socialize around food grown from their own edible community garden. We soon learned that residents wanted more... they wanted activities to help them meet their neighbors, they wanted to know why they should eat more fruits and vegetables and how to properly feed their children. They wanted to know how to be healthier. The questions continued and Hapi was born. Now, I am thrilled to see Hapi is growing-fostering resident leaders and new friendships, changing lives and transforming communities.

—Jane Lorin, Hapi Foundation's Executive Director and Co-Founder

What We Do

More than 35% of people live in apartment communities across the United States, including many struggling with, or at risk of developing, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases. Hapi Foundation believes we can create stronger, safer, and healthier communities. By delivering health-related education, fitness, gardening, and nutrition programs directly to the doorsteps of children and their families in affordable housing apartment communities, we can offer a low-cost, high-reward opportunity to improve lives across the country—especially those living in food deserts and park-poor communities.

While every community is different, affordable housing apartment properties provide the opportunity to offer a unique and efficient new model for health prevention that improves the wellness of residents, with an emphasis on children.

The Problem

Rising rates of obesity and chronic diseases as a result of unhealthy lifestyles.

The Place

Apartment communities, where 30% of Americans live

The Programs

Free, on-site education, fitness, and nutrition programs for children and families to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits to last a lifetime.

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