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HAPI (Healthy Apartment Property Initiative)

Mission Statement

HAPI Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2013. Our mission is to develop and operate affordable housing with the final goal of promoting housing security, community, and healthy living for our residents.
HAPI envisions a world where barriers to housing security and the social and physical stresses that accompany it are overcome for every person looking to connect grow and live in a vibrant, healthy world –starting at home in our communities.


HAPI Foundation’s can be traced to a seed planted in a community vegetable garden in one apartment community. We started with the goal of bringing neighbors together outside to socialize around food grown from their own community garden. We soon learned that residents want more. Shortly after, we expanded our programs offered to focus on education, health, and wellbeing. We began our first foray in development in Southern California with the rehabilitation of Monte Vista Apartments, and shortly after began work developing the Moorpark Apartments, our first new construction affordable housing community.
HAPI was born to give people the room to connect to the communities they live in. Through our development work, we keep housing affordable for over 2,000 people. By offering a whole host of programming, focused on education, health, and community building, HAPI foundation has impacted the lives of over 5,000 residents of low-income communities all over the United States.

What We Do

One in every three people across the United States lives in an apartment community. Like all Americans, many apartment dwellers suffer from housing insecurity and the social and physical stresses that accompany it. HAPI Foundation provides access to affordable housing and vital social services to residents of low-income apartment communities. Through its work, HAPI creates stronger and healthier communities and brings neighbors together by building a sense of togetherness.