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What We Do - Development


HAPI develops and manages the below affordable housing communities.
Our communities establish housing security, community, and healthy living for our residents through the following practices:

Affordable Housing

HAPI's new construction and rehabilitated communities are kept affordable, allowing residents to afford to live close to the communities that matter to them.

Development Minded

HAPI and its partners work together to develop efficient housing in a timely matter, keeping costs down and increasing affordability for our residents.

Proximity to Amenities

HAPI situates its developments in locations with easy access to schools, grocery stores, transit, medical clinics and other amenities crucial to daily life.

HAPI’s Projects

Arroyo Springs

Arroyo Spring Apartments
In Pre-Development
Moorpark, CA

Arroyo Springs

Monte Vista Apartments
Los Angeles, CA

Arroyo Springs

Harvest Glen Apartments
Rialto, CA