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Health & Wellness

Hapi's Health and Wellness Programs and Services

While it is no secret that eating right and exercising are needed to combat chronic diseases, overall wellness needs to be factored into long-term and effective healthcare. In addition to nutrition and fitness programs and education services, the Hapi Foundation also offers wellness programs and services.

Health Kiosks

Health kiosks at our on-site community centers help residents identify and track health goals, as well as make connections to local wellness programs, pharmacies, and/or health care providers for additional resources, coupons, and services.

Health & Medical Services

Local community partners provide free flu shots, medical screenings, and access to mobile dentists, mobile clinics, local hospitals and drug stores.

Town Hall Meeting with Health Experts

Health experts, from doctors to fitness trainers, give free presentations to residents and answer questions.

Health Stress Reduction & Meditation Workshops

A health expert offers workshops on coping with stress, in an effort to combat hypertension and other conditions linked to stress.

Youth and Adult Counseling

On-demand services are offered to those in need.

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