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After–School Program for Kids

Building Community Through Health

What We Do at HAPI

(Healthy Apartment Property Initiative)

More than 35% of people live in apartment communities across the United States, many suffering from social isolation or struggling with, or at risk of, developing diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases. Hapi Foundation creates stronger, safer, and healthier communities by bringing neighbors together and delivering health-related education, fitness, gardening, and nutrition programs directly to apartment residents’ doorsteps. Hapi offers a convenient, low-cost, high-reward program to children, adults, seniors, and families living in apartment communities.

Hapi builds community by providing customized programming based on the specific and unique resident base of each property. Many Hapi programs are found in apartment communities located in lower income areas, often in food deserts and park poor communities. Hapi works with property owners to ensure that open spaces and gardens are part of their footprint. 

Housing IS healthcare.

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The Problem

Social isolation as well as rising rates of obesity and chronic diseases as a result of unhealthy lifestyles.

The Place

Apartment communities, where 35% of Americans live.

The Programs

Free, on-site education, fitness, nutrition, and gardening programs for people living in lower income apartment communities to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits and create more social interaction.