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Building Community Through Health

What We Do at HAPI

(Healthy Apartment Property Initiative)

One in every three people across the United States lives in an apartment community. Like all Americans, many apartment dwellers suffer from housing insecurity and the social and physical stresses that accompany it. HAPI Foundation provides access to affordable housing and vital social services to residents of low-income apartment communities. Through its work, HAPI creates stronger and healthier communities and brings neighbors together by building a sense of togetherness.

Housing IS healthcare.

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7 million

The United States has a shortage of 7 million rental homes affordable to extremely low-income renters. Only 36 affordable and available rental homes exist for every 100 extremely low-income households.


An average of 69% of renter households are considered to be extremely low-income with severe cost burdens.


22% of adults in the United States say they often or always feel lonely, feel that they lack companionship, feel left out, or feel isolated from others, and many of them say that their loneliness has had a negative impact on various aspects of their life.