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Jane Lorin

CEO, Co-Founder

Jane was inspired to start HAPI Foundation after seeing the results of how healthy clean living can change your life. Jane has always been a foodie and knew that what goes in really matters. She began vegetable gardening at home with her two children and husband and shared her knowledge by helping her children's schools plant vegetable gardens. Following a career in real estate and business, she became determined to channel her passion for healthy living into working to help others. She received her business degree from USC and then obtained a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell. Jane has taught and shared her love of cooking and gardening to her daughters and friends.

Her favorite way to practice good health: Meditation, working out, biking, hiking and walking her dogs!

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Michael McCloud

Strategic Director, Co-Founder

Michael has a background in business development and works as an asset manager at SRC, a real estate company that is partnering with Hapi Foundation on bringing services to its apartment buildings. He also has an extensive background in agriculture and technology development.

His favorite way to practice good health: Clean cooking, working out, snowboarding, and taking the dog to the park.

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Stef McDonald

Marketing and Communications Director

Stef McDonald is a writer and editor specializing in work with nonprofits and businesses on content, communications, and social media. She has 20 years of experience working on newspapers, magazines, and websites and is devoted to green living, protecting the planet, and promoting healthy living with food, fitness, and lifestyle choices.

Her favorite way to practice good health: Cooking meals with farmers' market produce and taking advantage of the great outdoors by walking in local parks, swimming and surfing, and hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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Michael Cook

After-School Program Director for Texas

Michael has been a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist for more than ten years and is committed to helping clients get and stay fit with a dedicated fitness practice and healthy diet and lifestyle choices. He has worked as a Manager at Texas locations for World Gym and Anytime Fitness, and has developed his own personal training business.

His favorite ways to practice good health: working out in his local gym, hiking in the woods, and riding local bike trails, as well as meal-prepping one day a week so that he can make healthy food choices throughout the week.

Past Team Members

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Dr. Precious Taylor

After-School Program Director

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